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  • Georges Marciano by Andy Warhol

Georges Marciano by Andy Warhol

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Edition Size: Unique

Sheet Size: 40” x 40” cm


Condition: Pristine

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Title: Georges Marciano
Medium: Synthetic Polymer Paint and Silkscreen Ink on Canvas
Year: 1980
Size: 40” x 40”
Edition: Unique


Georges Maricano was created in 1980 by Andy Warhol. Marciano, the co-founder of the American clothing brand GUESS?, appreciated Warhol’s unparalleled art form and commissioned a piece from the artist. Taking one of Marciano’s pictures, Warhol transformed his image into one of his pop art creations. Marciano once said, “I’ve always been a collector… I love beautiful things and art and culture definitely fall into this category… I believe that culture and art are important because they are closely linked to fashion. They are a true expression of the self just like my other passion – fashion.”


Andy Warhol was at the forefront of his career in the pop art movement creating commissioned portraits of iconic American celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley. He experienced a flood of commissions from an array of individuals hoping to be part of his collection. Having one’s portrait painted by Warhol carried a high amount of prestige and class. It was considered a form of social validation and public acceptance. Warhol’s portrait of Marciano hangs in Marciano’s hotel, L’Hotel, in the Old Port of Montreal.

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The Artist

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was a prolific artist known for his innovative approach to printmaking. He embraced various printmaking techniques, such as screen printing and lithography, to create his iconic works. Warhol’s printmaking practice played a significant role in his exploration of popular culture, celebrity, and consumerism.

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