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Born in Messina, Sicily, Italy in 1943. Freiles pictorial concerns are, among many, the inner conformation of filling in the colour within the shape of the canvas or the paper, Freiles’s painting is an expansion of liquid of colours combined by fine and thick brushstrokes, but bearing a safe direction of movement, giving each work the life of a singular artifact, Freiles is a painter of Mediterranean light, he does not fear the glaring splendor of the yellows, the orange tones, the raw and bloody reds of fertile soils, the violet colours of the “oriental” horizons of the sea town where he lives and the deep and shady greens.

Antonio Freiles has exhibited his artworks in major European biennials and his paintings are part of important private and public museum collections including The Tate Britain Museum in London; and the National d’Art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. He has also actively participated in numerous cultural art programs collaborating with the British Council in London, the Ljubljana Graphic Biennial, the Maeght Foundation in Paris and the World Print Council in San Francisco.


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