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Three Notes from Salalah by Cy Twombly

Three Notes from Salalah by Cy Twombly

Clifton Gallery

Offset Lithograph


Sheet Size: 76 x 56 cm


Condition: Excellent

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Three Notes from Salalah

By Cy Twombly

Offset lithograph on paper.

Measures 76 x 56 cm.

Released in 2008 in conjunction with Cy Twombly’s exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome.

Cy Twombly (1928–2011) was an influential American painter, sculptor, and photographer known for his distinctive blend of abstract expressionism and calligraphic elements. His works often featured gestural and scribbled markings that conveyed a sense of emotional intensity and spontaneity, making him a prominent figure in the post-war American art scene.



The Artist

Cy Twombly

Recipient of the Golden Lion in the Venice Biennale of 2001, Cy Twombly (born Edwin Parker and then renamed ‘Cy’ by his father, an athletics teacher and avid fan of Cyclone Young, a celebrated baseball pitcher of the late nineteenth century). Although he can be included in Abstract Expressionism, his legacy remains rather singular and unclassifiable. When he was 14, he was trained in drawing by Pierre Dura and along with his spiritual father, Nicholas Poussin, they reinvented classical antiquity. In his early years, he was influenced by Kurt Schwitters’ Dadaism and Chaim Soutine’s Expressionism, while he also followed the work of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. His close friendship with Robert Rauschenberg defined his artistic career.

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