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Doria Higgins Biography

A resident of Ithaca, New York, Doria Higgins is a seasoned painter, advocate for arts and educator. Higgins work has been shown in New York, with key international exhibitions throughout her long career. She has also been an active art collector and exhibition curator, producing and directed many video projects on a variety of art subjects. At Bennington College in the 1940s, Higgins studied both fine art and literature. Upon graduation, she worked as a newspaper reporter, including a long stint writing for the Washington Post. Her after-work evenings were spent painting while she earned a degree as a Clinical Psychologist. When she moved to Ithaca, New York in 1964 she interviewed at the Tompkins County Hospital Mental Health Clinic. “I was interested in the job, but when I saw the views of Cayuga Lake out the clinics windows, I knew I had to work there.” Nearly twenty years later Doria retired from the clinic to her home overlooking her beloved lake where her paintings became her full time focus.

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