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Woman and woman by Georg Baselitz

Woman and woman by Georg Baselitz

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Edition Size: 25

Sheet Size: 74.6 X 103.8 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Image: 27 1/2 x 39 1/2″ (69.8 x 100.3 cm); sheet: 29 3/8 x 40 7/8″ (74.6 x 103.8 cm) – Published by Maximilian Verlag/Sabine Knust, Munich – Printed by Till Verclas, Hamburg — Georg Baselitz’s artwork “Woman and woman, 1993-1994” is a limited edition print created using the medium of woodcut. The piece measures 74.6 x 103.8 cm in size. Baselitz, a German artist, is known for his distinct figurative style and the expressive use of color and form. Woodcut is a printmaking technique where an image is carved into a block of wood, and then inked and pressed onto paper to create the final print.

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The Artist

Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz is a German painter and printmaker known for his inverted, or “upside-down,” paintings. He began creating prints in the 1960s, using techniques such as lithography, etching, and woodcut. Baselitz’s prints often depict the same subjects as his paintings, including figures and landscapes, but in a more graphic, simplified style.

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