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Greek Profile M. 76 – 146 by Georges Braque

Greek Profile M. 76 – 146 by Georges Braque

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Edition Size: 150 + HC

Sheet Size: 57.8 X 47 cm


Condition: Pristine

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— Georges Braque’s “Greek Profile M. 76 – 146” is a limited edition lithograph, measuring 57.8 x 47 cm. The size of the lithograph allows for a focused presentation of the Greek profile, showcasing Braque’s fascination with classic forms and his exploration of abstraction within that context. Through his distinct style, Braque captures the essence of the profile while infusing it with his artistic interpretation. The lithograph’s dimensions provide a balanced composition, and the intricate details of the profile are captured with precision. This work exemplifies Braque’s ability to merge traditional motifs with his own innovative approach, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay between form and artistic expression.

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The Artist

Georges Braque

French artist Georges Braque was born on 13 May 1882 in Argenteuil, Val-d’Oise and grew up in Le Havre. Braque was a major 20th Century collagist, painter, printmaker, sculptor and draughtsman. Braque studied painting and decorating like his father, and grandfather before him, but soon found an interest in more serious painting, studying it in the evenings alongside his work at École des Beaux-Arts in Le Havre.

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