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Wirtschaftspaket by Joseph Beuys

Wirtschaftspaket by Joseph Beuys

Composition Gallery

Mixed Media


Edition Size: Unique

Dimensions: 28 X 28 X 4 cm


Condition: Pristine

Price on Application

The Artist

Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys was a talented German artist who produced exceptional works as a sculptor, graphic artist, art theorist, as well as being a passionate performance artist. Joseph Beuys served as an aircraft operator during World War II. It was during this time that he began to seriously ponder a career as an artist. After his return to Kleve, he was encouraged by a local sculptor, Walter Brux, and a painter, Hanns Lamers, to pursue art full-time. Throughout his career Beuys adopted shamanism as his preferred presentation mode of his art and also for his life.

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