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  • Six Aquatints (set of 6 prints) by Lois Lane

Six Aquatints (set of 6 prints)
by Lois Lane

Available at Petersburg Press



Color Etching and Aquatint

Edition Size: 45

Image Size: Variable: ~9 x 11.75 inches

Sheet Size: 29.75 x 22.25 cm


Condition: Pristine


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Six aquatint etchings, three with hand coloring, are presented in a portfolio. They feature smooth geometric forms juxtaposed with whimsical collaged snippets of imagery including a bride, a pumpkin, brightly colored darts, and a masked wrestler. Black and white with hints of color, the minimalist shapes belie Lane’s quirky sense of humor.

Last photo shows detail of aquatints 3-6 collaged onto one plane.


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