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Desnudo I by Manolo Valdes

Desnudo I by Manolo Valdes

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Edition Size: 25

Sheet Size: 60 X 50 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Etching; 25 signed and numbered copies; Perfect condition

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The Artist

Manolo Valdes

Manolo Valdes is a Spanish leading painter born in 1942 in Valencia. In a sense the object of Manolo Valdes’ art was to rebel against the dominance of the European Informel School. This gesture demonstrates the continuous evolution of the visual arts, as one movement succeeds the previous one. The works of Manolo Valdes are also known for their references to historical art works; as such they showcase references from Picasso, Matisse, Goya and Greek history, among others. The artist began his studies in 1956 at the San Marcos Academy of Fine Arts but did not stay the course‚ he left after two brief years, in a hurry to commence his career.

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