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Born in 1927 in San Lucido, Nicola Simbari was raised in Rome where his father was an architect at the Vatican. At age 16 he ran away to join the circus. Returning later to study architecture at the Academia delle Belli Art. After teaching for a brief time he branched out on his own, taking a studio in Via del Babuino.

Simbari’s paintings first showed in Rome in 1953 followed by exhibitions throughout Europe. His first one man show in 1959, in New York proved significant to his career. By early 70’s he was on his way to becoming one of this century’s most popular and sought after artists.

His back to back New York exhibitions in 1976 the Crazy Horse Saloon and in 1977 Le Cirque clearly showcased his passion for his work. Simbari’s paintings are not mere embellishments of subjects, but reflect his feelings for what he paints.

Simbari continued to exhibit his works throughout the 1980s. He also went through a period of graphics and found time to create a series of monumental steel sculptures. He died in 2012.


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