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Untitled by Laura Owens

Untitled by Laura Owens

Texte zur Kunst

Offset Lithograph


Edition Size: 100 + 20 A.P.

Sheet Size: 61 x 46 cm

Reference: ISSUE NO. 126 / JUNE 2022 "MOURNING"


Condition: Pristine

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Laura Owens is known for her experimental, often large-scale works that continually push the boundaries of what painting is or can be. For her 2022 TEXTE ZUR KUNST edition, Owens photographed an arrangement of ephemera that returned to her studio after the deinstallation of two ambitious site-specific projects. The screenprinted patterns are remnants from the monumental painting on wallpaper Owens exhibited last year at Fondation Vincent Van Gogh Arles. The selections featured in this edition include patterns Owens made by digitally manipulating drawings from two early-20th-century design portfolios that she acquired from a rare bookdealer along with scans of googly-eyed “puffy” stickers manufactured in the 1980s. These stickers – which disrupt any sense that Owens’s wallpaper is in some way a historical reconstruction – previously appeared in an untitled 2016 painting. The assemblage also includes an outdated manual on the use of social media for business purposes. The ceramic flowers were handmade in Owens’s Los Angeles studio and shown alongside her large-scale 2019 painting for the ceiling of Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, a deconsecrated church in Rome. Like the project in Arles, this site-specific installation incorporated imagery from disparate historical periods including symbols from Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel and, in a subversion of the patriarchal ideology of Catholicism, pagan depictions of female goddesses. These ceramic flowers represent lilies, a traditional Catholic symbol for the Virgin Mother.



The Artist

Laura Owens

Laura Owens, an American painter, gallery owner and tutor, was born in 1970 in Ohio. She first appeared in the early 1990s in Los Angeles art scene. She is better known for her large-scale paintings that combine many historical references and are executed in different painting techniques. In 2013, she transformed her studio into an exhibition space, 356 Mission, in collaboration with art dealer Gavin Brown and Wendy Yao. She studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design, where she graduated in 1992, while in 1994 she attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and received a Master’s degree from the California Institute of the Arts.
Laura Owens paintings are versatile. She has incorporated very different styles in her work – from a crisp abstraction and gloomy landscapes to the vernacular style and Japonisme. Her paintings show an artist in full possession of their means, providing a living and organic materiality to the traditional landscape. And while the viewer easily falls into the ‘airy atmosphere’ of Owen’s paintings, they we are constantly reminded of the fact that the image is built, one stroke of paint after another.

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