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Okay Not Okay by Camille Henrot

Okay Not Okay by Camille Henrot

Texte zur Kunst

Mixed Media


Edition Size: 30 + 10 A.P.

Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.8 - each pendant on a necklace cm

Reference: ISSUE NO. 120 / DECEMBER 2020 "THE FEMINIST"


Condition: Pristine

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Inspired by “Jean qui rit, Jean qui pleure” (literally, “Jean who laughs, Jean who cries”), a popular figure with a long tradition in France who embodies the all-too-human ability for sudden and drastic mood swings, “Okay Not Okay” (2020) is a response to the ubiquitous platitude: How are you? One does not usually pose the question out of any real curiosity for another’s well-being; rather, the inquiry functions as a polite, friendly greeting that has become an automatic reflex and thus essentially devoid of sincerity or meaning. For “Texte zur Kunst,” Camille Henrot has created these two gold-plated brass pendants to function as a sort of nonverbal answer to the over-asked question, letting those around you know your mood and indicating whether or not they should risk asking you at all.



The Artist

Camille Henrot

Born in 1978 in Paris, France. The artist lives and works between Berlin and New York City.

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