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Alice (Language) Practice 5 by Ser Serpas

Alice (Language) Practice 5 by Ser Serpas

Texte zur Kunst

Digital Pigment Print


Edition Size: 100 + 20 A.P.

Sheet Size: 21,3 x 30 cm

Reference: ISSUE NO. 126 / JUNE 2022 "MOURNING"


Condition: Pristine

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Los Angeles-born artist Ser Serpas has a practice that, in its impressive range, resists simple categorization. Her most imposing works – some of which were on view at Barbara Weiss in Berlin for Gallery Weekend 2022 – are sculptures created from found objects. Consisting mostly of urban detritus (used mattresses, abandoned appliances, outdated furniture), the works challenge perceptions of value and assert meaning in what would otherwise be discarded or overlooked. But Serpas also paints: mainly figuratively, and mostly nudes. Never depicting her subjects’faces, these compositions immortalize what one imagines were intimate photos exchanged via dating apps or in end-to-end encrypted messages. Serpas’s practice has yet another dimension, namely an intimate engagement with language. Her edition for TEXTE ZUR KUNST, “Alice (Language) Practice 5” (2022), is a print based on works included in the series of the same name exhibited at LC Queisser in Tbilisi in 2021. The words are hardly legible, and that is precisely the point. The work treads the line between figuration (here, text) and abstraction, linking it more closely to Serpas’s more conventionally figurative work than one might expect at first glance. In fact, the artist has described another textual work, “Palette Cleanser” (2020), as being like a body. Thus, one should resist the urge to decode the signifier and its signified and appreciate the work in all its corporeality.



The Artist

Ser Serpas

Ser Serpas (b. 1995, United States) Ser Serpas’ multifaceted practice embraces transience and indeterminacy. Through sculpture, poetry, performance and painting—Serpas emphasizes a productive precariousness, teasing meaning out of illegibility and creating sites to give thought to the momentary. Her installations demonstrate the simultaneously mesmerizing and fleeting notion of value, finding a productivity in objects that had otherwise seemed exhausted. Whether assembled from discarded detritus found on the street or from fabric gifted to Serpas by her friends, her reworked artworks and installations exist in and out of public—built from private moments and reassembled for an audience of strangers. At times these sculptures, poems and paintings seem on the brink of collapse or disintegration. Serpas constructively blurs the tension between stability and entropy. Likewise, she pits lucidness and incoherence against one another, frequently enclosing them in the same frame. Her works can be seen as monuments to impulse that are fixed just long enough to ingrain themselves in our memories.

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