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The Pompon Bear by Yves Klein

The Pompon Bear by Yves Klein

Composition Gallery

Mixed Media


Edition Size: 999

Dimensions: 27 X 49 X 19 cm


Condition: Pristine

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40 cm artisanal resin made from an original mold of the White Bear by François Pompon – Finish: Yves Klein Blue – Plexiglas dimensiins: 27 x 49 x19 cm – Weight: 9.1 kg – Numbered edition limited to 999 copies // This sculpture is inspired by François Pompon’s iconic 1922 L’Ours blanc, notably housed in stone form at Paris’s Musée d’Orsay. Emulating Pompon’s style, this edition, L’Ours Pompon – Edition Yves Klein, boasts Yves Klein’s signature blue. This hue was perfected in 1954 with Édouard Adam, maintaining the pigment’s intensity. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, including a numbered stamp and signatures from the rights holders of Klein and Pompon. The number is placed under its right rear leg. The piece is mounted on a Plexiglas base, encased in a protective bell, and delivered in custom packaging.

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The Artist

Yves Klein

Yves Klein was a French painter considered to be a forefather of the Nouveau Realisme art movement. Klein is famous for creating Monochrome works, solid, single color paint on a canvas, devoid of any design or depictions. Some of Klein’s famous pieces include RE 46, which Yves Klein completed in 1960 and the 1962 work IKB 191. In 2006, RE 46 became among the top five highest grossing pieces sold by Christie’s, the Manhattan-based Auction House in the post World War II era. The Monochrome style was controversial to some, but Yves Klein maintained his reason for creating such work was to encourage those who viewed it to draw their own conclusions about what it was about, or the emotions it attempted to evoke.

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