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Edwin Parker Twombly, Jr. also called Cy Twombly, renowned for his contributions to the art movement “Abstract expressionism”, was born on 25th April 1928 in Lexington, Virginia, United States. His parents were from the North East. During his childhood days he spent majority of his time travelling and was so keen in art that he ordered art kits to work on them. His inherent talent was soon recognized by his parents and the decision to pursue art for life was taken as early as age 12.

After his high school, Cy Twombly began his formal study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and went to New York to study further at the Art Students League. He developed a lot of acquaintances in his field who shared similar thoughts and ideas of art. He also found his best companion Robert Rauschenberg with whom he travelled to Italy in 1951. Cy Twombly chose Rome as his permanent residence in 1957.

Predominantly, the style of Cy Twombly’s art was based on the concept of “Mark Makings”. He used heterogeneous concepts and colors inspired from his immediate surroundings. His calligraphic strokes and the graffiti structures were repetitive and entwined, eluding his deep admiration for the Classical subjects. The highlight of Cy Twombly’s art was his zigzag strokes mingled with handwritten poetic snippets. He was an embodiment of creativity with class and aestheticism.

His extraordinary large-scale paintings and exquisite prints on huge canvas coupled with sophisticated blackboard drawings added a feather to his cap. A sense of serenity intertwined with emotions of tension and release were exhibited through his classic art.

The most accoladed art of Cy Twombly was the “Leda and the swan” which elucidates his fascination for literature, classical events and stories. His largest piece of work “Say Goodbye Catullus, to the Shores of Asia Minor”, measured 157.5 by 624 inches and was supposed to be read from right to left, adorns the Menil Collection’s Twombly Gallery. This gigantic piece of art was believed to have relieved him from anxiety. His art “Panorama,” measured over 11 feet across, and “The Age of Alexander,” a 16 foot wide canvas that he labored over the course of several hours on New Year’s Eve 1959 to celebrate his son’s birth, gave him the unmatched sense of achievement and joy.

Other paintings, drawings and sculptures that were recognized world over are “Natural History Part 1”,”School of Athens”, “Bacchus”, “Scent of Madness”, “Fifty days at Iliam”,”Cycnus”, “Orpheus”,”Anadyomene”,”Rotalla” and many more. Many galleries around the world display his contribution to the world with pride.

Cy Twombly received numerous awards. In 1984 the “Internationaler Preis für bildende Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg”, in 1987 the “Rubens-Peis der Stadt Siegen,” in 1996 “Praemium Imperiale award”. Also, during fall of 2010, Tacita Dean produced a film on Cy Twombly, titled "Edwin Parker".

During the final stages of his life, Twombly suffered from cancer and died on 5th July 2011, in Rome.

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