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  • Untitled (from Paintings And Drawings: 1974-1990) by Agnes Martin

Untitled (from Paintings And Drawings: 1974-1990) by Agnes Martin

Lougher Contemporary



Edition Size: 2,500

Sheet Size: 31x31 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Not signed or numbered

Mint. Minor imperfections on original packaging


The Artist

Agnes Martin

Abstract painter Agnes Martin had two major influences in her work: the landscapes of the New Mexico desert and the teachings of Taoism. After attending Summer Field School in New Mexico in 1947, Martin left and returned to its empty landscapes throughout her life, living there until her death in 2004, aged 92. She was first introduced to Taoism while studying at Columbia University in New York City in the early 1940s and was fascinated by it as a code of ethics and a guide to living. Both these inspirations show in her paintings: her early works reflected the desert landscape she was surrounded by. As her worked evolved, she incorporated pastel washes that brought a light, shimmering effect to her canvas, an expression of her spiritual development. This transformed again with her ‘Untitled No.4’ in 1994, where she brought in bright, bold colour washes mixed with gesso.

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