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Pax Britannica by Banksy

Pax Britannica by Banksy

Lieberman Gallery



Edition Size: 100

Sheet Size: 23.5 x 32.7 cm

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An A4 archival clamshell box (Approx 23.5cm x 32.7cm x 4.5cm) which houses all of the pieces, with a cover designed by Ralph Steadman, A cloth wrap with a safety pinned list of artists included in the set, A card press release, with design by Ralph Steadman. An as new box, with as new contents.

The set contains prints by:

BANKSY : Wrong War, signed
Antonio Pacitti : Guantanamo Bay, signed
John Keane : Laser Guided, signed
Ralph Steadman : a printed article which appeared in the Independent 7th March 2004
Peter Kennard : Peace on Earth Banned by Orange, signed
Clifford Harper : ‘As soon as the French army comes in sight of the Austrian and Russian soldiers they should instead of attacking the enemy throw down their own arms and advance toward them dancing in a friendly manner’ Anacharsis Clootz, signed on reverse
Gee Vaucher : Still Life With Nude, signed
Jamie Reid : Peace is Tough, in small titled envelope, signed
Alexander de Cadenet : victims of the Turner Prize war, masking tape stuck printed title to rear, signed
Gee Vaucher : Welcome Home, signed
Alan Kitching : It is better to Jaw than to War, signed
Martin Rowson : The War of Blair’s Ear, signed
Billy Childish : Soldier’s Head With Hawk, unusually signed ‘Billy’
James Boswell : Chains 1943, signed by Jane Boswell
Ralph Steadman : Road to Baghdad, fold out print, signed
Paul Mattsson : Death Mask, Stop The War Halloween Demonstration 2002, signed
Brian Jones : The Idiot Son, signed
Jamie Reid : We’re All Junkies Now, signed
Martin Rowson : Nye Who?, signed
Steve Bell : Thanks to Jane Chatterjee, signed
Richard Hamilton : Installation Study – War Games, signed
S.T.O.T21stC : We Won We Won We Won
Ralph Steadman : Sheep on Cross, printed text to rear, signed
Jenny Matthews : Fina Kamara, signed
James Cauty : Black Smoke – Stamps of Mass Destruction, banned by the Royal Mail, signed
Jamie Reid : The Evil Ones, signed
a page of the Hutton Report as burnt outside Downing Street 31st January 2004, burnt page in small titled envelope
Sir Anthony Caro : Table Piece S-14, in small titled envelope, signed
David Gentleman : BLAIR Stop The War Coalition, sticker, signed

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The Artist


Bristol-born graffitist Banksy is the most famous and infamous street artist in the world. Despite the fact that he doesn’t create any work for the public to buy, or any pieces that can be displayed in a gallery, he is loved throughout the world for his spray on pieces of social commentary and taboo-busting images. Banksy’s true identity remains a secret and he prefer to stay in the shadows rather than take the acclaim for his work. He started using his trademark stencils as a way to create a piece quicker and so reduce the chances of being caught by the police. His works are displayed on walls, streets and bridges across his home town of Bristol and at other selected locations across the world. Fans have been known to try and take down walls, so they can own an original Banksy. A product of the British underground street scene of the 1990s, Banksy’s work is often darkly humorous, satirical and mocks the establishment. Some commentators have compared him to Blek le Rat, a French graffiti artist. Banksy himself says Bristol-based graffiti artist 3D was his original inspiration. In 2010 he directed a documentary film called ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, about a man obsessed with street art.

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