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  • Soup Cans by Banksy

Soup Cans by Banksy

Baldwin Contemporary

Offset Lithograph


Edition Size: N/A

Sheet Size: 33.46 x 23.62 in (85.0 x 60.0 cm) cm


Condition: Pristine

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Offset lithograph on paper
33.46 x 23.62 in (85.0 x 60.0 cm)
Excellent. This piece has never been framed or displayed.
This work comes with a signature stamp on lower right recto. Sold by Pictures on Walls (POW), the sole / authorised distributor of Banksy prints. This piece comes with the original tube from POW, which includes original POW mailing stamps.

Notes: Banksy’s Soup Can is a purposefully obvious nod to Andy Warhol’s famous 1962 series of Campbell’s Soup Can paintings that were later produced as prints. Contrary to Warhol’s homage to the endlessly reproduced images of consumer society, here Banksy offers a biting criticism of the supermarket giant who has come to take over the contemporary marketplace.

The print shows cans of the same flavour soup – as opposed to Warhol’s range of flavours – showing the stark reality and monotony, of surviving on a tight budget.

Printed in three colours on a cream background, the print evokes the vintage aesthetic that is now called upon by supermarkets such as Tesco to sell British products.

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The Artist


Bristol-born graffitist Banksy is the most famous and infamous street artist in the world. Despite the fact that he doesn’t create any work for the public to buy, or any pieces that can be displayed in a gallery, he is loved throughout the world for his spray on pieces of social commentary and taboo-busting images. Banksy’s true identity remains a secret and he prefer to stay in the shadows rather than take the acclaim for his work. He started using his trademark stencils as a way to create a piece quicker and so reduce the chances of being caught by the police. His works are displayed on walls, streets and bridges across his home town of Bristol and at other selected locations across the world. Fans have been known to try and take down walls, so they can own an original Banksy. A product of the British underground street scene of the 1990s, Banksy’s work is often darkly humorous, satirical and mocks the establishment. Some commentators have compared him to Blek le Rat, a French graffiti artist. Banksy himself says Bristol-based graffiti artist 3D was his original inspiration. In 2010 he directed a documentary film called ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, about a man obsessed with street art.

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