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Carol Wax Biography

Carol Wax was born in 1953. In compositions reflecting an appreciation for finely crafted utilitarian objects and beautiful machines, Wax creates an imagery that investigates, in her own words, “the influence of light and shadow on perceptions of form and depth.” She energizes these nostalgic icons of our past with new life, making an ordinary typewriter seem monumental and an unplugged old fan virtually vibrate. Her sewing machines emblazoned with elegant hieroglyphs, speak of some lost sensibility while her accordions radiate with the rhythms of a Cajun dance hall of a Louisiana bayou.

Honored with the 1994 Louise Nevelson award by the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Wax was recognized as an innovator of the mezzotint. Her book, “The Mezzotint: History and Technique”, published by Abrams in 1990 has become the definitive work on the difficult medium.

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