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Nur Jahan (Nūr Jahān) H10-2 from The Empresses by Damien Hirst

Nur Jahan (Nūr Jahān) H10-2 from The Empresses by Damien Hirst

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Edition Size: N/A

Sheet Size: 100 x 100 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Nur Jahan (Nūr Jahān) H10-2 from The Empresses

By Damien Hirst


‘Nūr Jahān’, defined by complex mosaic-like arrangements and a structural composition, is named after the multi-skilled de-facto empress of the Mughal Empire.

In ‘Nūr Jahān,’ Damien Hirst orchestrates a mesmerizing display of single or paired wings in vivid red and black hues, forming symmetrical patterns that radiate vertically, horizontally, and diagonally from the center. The square composition focuses on a central pair of wings, seemingly enshrined amidst a dynamic arrangement that recalls the architectural beauty of Nūr Jahān and Agra’s mosaic-tiled tomb.

The artwork’s transformative nature is revealed through prolonged study, with new patterns emerging, and large black and red wings encircling the outer edge, creating a lively, ever-changing portrayal reminiscent of captured butterflies in varied states of flight.

Laminated giclee print on aluminium composite, screen printed with glitter.

Measures 100 x 100 cm.

Limited edition of 3041 prints.

New as issued in the original packaging.



The Artist

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst, who grew up in Leeds, was born in Bristol, England, in 1965, He moved to London In 1984 and worked in a construction firm before obtaining BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths school between 1986 and 1989. He got the Turner Prize award in 1995.

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