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It’s All Your Fault by David Shrigley

It’s All Your Fault
by David Shrigley

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Edition Size: 44

Sheet Size: 75 x 56 cm


Condition: Good

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David Shrigley (b 1968) is an English artist who has exhibited widely in Europe and North America. Self-branded as an outsider in the art world, Shrigley is known for making flat compositions that take on the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the disquieting elements of everyday life. Like the musings of a very wise child displaying the wit and humor of a seasoned observer of the adult world, his illustrations feature crossed-out words, scribbled, uneven lines, and darkly funny aphorisms about the world. He has produced animated work for artists such as Blur and Bonnie Prince Billy and is also the author of more than 30 books of drawings.
Shrigley’s distinctive drawing style imbued, with dry humour cuts to the point of human nature, making satirical comments on everyday situations and human interactions. Recurring themes pervade his story telling, capturing child-like views of the world; the perspective of aliens and monsters or the compulsive habits of an eavesdropper shouting out loud. His simple, verging-on-juvenile drawings annotated with his distinctive scrawling handwriting hold up a sardonic mirror which somehow generates flashes of profound clarity. Sold on consignment.

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