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Feres Khoury Biography

Feres Khoury (Urupês SP 1951).

Printmaker, Professor and Architect.

He graduated in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo – FAU / USP, in 1979.
He holds a doctorate in visual poetics at the School of Communications and Arts at USP – ECA / USP, in 1997.
He teaches at FAU / USP , at Santa Marcelina College and at São Judas Tadeu University.

During his period of artistic training, he attended the studios of Luís Dotto, Renina Katz (1926), Sérgio Fingermann (1953) and Rubens Matuck (1952). In 1979, he founded with Matuck, Luise Weiss (1953) and Rosely Nakagawa (1954) the João Pereira Editions, with the aim of launching limited edition original prints.
He´s published several Portfolios i.e. “11 Prints”, 1979, “5 Lithographs”, 1981, “Circle of Things”, 1982, “5 Woodcuts”, 1988 and “Celebration Portfolio”, 1989.

In 1974 he showed his works at the Latin American Triennial of Grabado, held in Buenos Aires. He received the 1st prize of the 8th Printmaking Exhibition of the City of Curitiba, in 1988. He received the Bolsa Vitae de Arte / Gravura in 1996.

In the 1990s, the use of dry point helps him to define his expressive lines more and more clearly while designing doors, circles or checkered areas. The hollow lines find their counterpoint in the dense and velvety surfaces, predominantly black, which can assume geometric or curvilinear shapes.

“The lines determine directions and tensions and the black and white surfaces structure the space in which arabesques or decorative elements do not appear as agents of visual interest”, says artist Renina Katz.

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