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Flora Assumpção Biography

São Lourenço – MG, 1983. Lives and works in São Paulo – SP.

Artist degree in visual arts through the Department of Arts of the ECA-USP, specializing in engraving (2008) and currently obtaining her master’s degree at the same institution (2012-2014), with a grant from CAPES.

Flora began her production in the arts through drawing and painting. Since 2002 she has been interested in extending the scale of the drawing for the architectural space and has experimented with a variety of materials, techniques and languages. Flora keeps her research and practice focused on drawing and occupation of two-dimensional surfaces and objects and at the same time, develops projects of installations for specific architectural spaces and installations for exhibition spaces, exploring the relation between drawing and architectural scales for creating fictional situations with the intention of provoking immersive experiences with poetic character.

Flora Assumpção deals in her artworks with themes related to the natural and the fantastic, (the supernatural), in an attempt to reflect on the actions of the human in front of the natural world. Nature appears in the form of animals (especially snakes and other reptiles) and natural phenomena (such as fog, storms, hurricanes, sea, clouds, deserts, volcanoes and moonlight) under a mysterious unexpected fantastic atmosphere, brought from legends, myths and folktales of Brazil and the world. This is a device or a metaphor to approach from other subjects beyond the fictional situation presented, exactly like the fairytales also do.

The human being appears in the visual relationship established between the body of the animal and the modus operandi of natural phenomena with mechanisms (machines) created by mankind, in allusion to the idea of the inevitability of artificial machine to copy nature’s mechanisms, because all the principles were created before by nature.

In 2002 the artist received the Nascente Award for her artwork ‘Rusticidade’ in the collective exhibition at Centro Cultural Maria Antonia (USP). In the following years, Flora exhibited her art projects at many places in Brazil, mainly in São Paulo: Paço das Artes, CCSP, MAC-USP, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Vermelho Gallery, Emma Thomas Gallery and Gravura Brasileira Gallery, and art projects of urban interventions in public spaces of Cidade Universitária (USP Campus), but also in other cities like Itajaí-SC (12° SNAI), Belém (ArtePará 2010), Piracicaba-SP (42°SAC), Atibaia-SP, Fortaleza-CE, Belo Horizonte-MG and Vitória-ES.
In 2007 she received the Special Award of the Jury at the 16° Encontro de Artes Plásticas de Atibaia-SP/Brazil and in 2012 participated at the 10° Salão Elke Hering, Blumenau-SC/Brazil, in which she was awarded the 1st Award.

In 2013 Assumpção received the Award ArteRef of Contemporary Arts and the Edital SESI de Artes Visuais 2013, and among other exhibitions, shows her work with engraving at BELA Gravura – Bienal Europeia e Latino Americana de Arte Contemporânea, at Enokojima Centre for the Creative Arts, Osaka, Japan.

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