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Geraldine Van Heemstra Biography

Geraldine is a walking artist focusing on the Contemporary Landscape embracing the elements of wind and weather.

By immersing herself in the landscape her work becomes a translation of her engagement with the natural world. Through the elemental energy in her work, she questions our position as the human subject or anchor in the artistic creation, engaging with an aesthetic that extends beyond the world we know and understand. Living and working in London provides a sharp contrast to the silent and spacious Scottish Hebrides. Both places stimulate, challenge, and inform Geraldine’s artistic practice.

Geraldine’s series of monoprints of the Scottish Isles and the Atlantic are based on an experience of being in a hoar, a sea mist, observing the shifting perspectives of colours and shapes as they come in and out of view. Printed on Japanese Kozo paper, they allow for unexpected outcomes in the moment and in the drying process.

Geraldine graduated from City & Guilds of London Artschool in 2019 (MA) and was awarded the Norman Ackroyd prize for etching and more recently she won the Intaglio Printmakers Prize at the WCPF 2021.

She has exhibited widely since 2005 in several solo and group exhibitions. She was shortlisted for the Clifford Chance Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2019 and nominated as a finalist for The Signature Art Prize 2020.

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