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He was born in Poland to a family of the princely nobility. His father is friends with the Emperor of Austria-Hungary the famous Franz Joseph. Having studied at Vienna (Austria), he entered the diplomatic service as vice-consul of Poland in Sicily and is pursuing a cultural and diplomatic career until 1939. A volunteer in 1939 in the Polish forces fighting alongside the French troops, the hazards of war led him to Nice. He will live there after the armistice, to meet with his wife. Then he will live in Vienna in the 1960s (Salesianer Gasse 7), then in the Var, Pignans (the field of Cressonniere from 1971) and finally in Gonfaron from 1981 until his death in 1991. He holds a “Nansen Passport”, he will remain stateless after the war.

Between 1940 and 1950 he was a pupil of the painter Sylvain Vigny. He joins a group where Picasso whose face he meets. Since the fifties of Janusz ROLA imposes his figurative painting, including his famous “elegant” works acquired by larger collections. In the early 1970s he met the painter Roger Boubenec who became his friend and who said of him: “He was the man of Europe. Painter, poet, musician To him I owe the visual sense the composition “.

Janusz from ROLA received the title of Artist of the Year 1986 awarded by the largest German magazine in the cultural field, “Madame”. In 1987 the South Art magazine wrote an article in the first issue. Salvatore Lombardo, founder of the magazine, will honor him in a small book published in 1991. official portraitist of the Saudi royal family has also produced portraits of Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.


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