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Nike Panther
by Katherine Bernhardt

Available at Lougher Contemporary




Edition Size: 65

Sheet Size: 50.8cm x 76.2cm cm


Condition: Good

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Katherine Bernhardt’s paintings are loose, bold and energetic. Faced with numerous colour options, Bernhardt was less attracted to any single version, and more to the mis-registrations, blurring of colours, ink splash marks, and other unplanned incidents which occurred during the proofing process. They were of such appeal to Bernhardt that she decided to incorporate them into the whole edition. She asked the printer to follow a relatively random choice of colourways, and to allow for the same unplanned mark-making as would occur if he were simply proofing the print. The end result is a series of 100 unique prints. For Bernhardt this way of making a print has a close approximation to her studio practice and her instinct for making images, where chance and the accidental are favoured over the mechanical and the pre-planned. Sold on consignment.

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