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Size 3? by Rene Ricard

Size 3? by Rene Ricard

Petersburg Press

Mixed Media


Sheet Size: 44.5 x 30.5 inches


Condition: Excellent

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This sparkling study of a glass slipper is executed in paint marker over vibrant red screen print and foil applique. At the center of the composition is a single shoe, stylized with confident silver strokes and asterisks depicting the footwear’s glitter. The shoe is framed by a gold mirror. Teenaged Rene fell in with the Factory crowd after moving to New York in 1960 and was cast in various films by Andy Warhol: references to the Pop giant can be found throughout his art. Ricard’s dainty glass slipper sketch is an homage to Warhol’s colorful fashion illustrations which portrayed various women’s shoes labeled with socialites’ and celebrities’ names.

Ricard knew the importance of a good heel: in a New York Times interview, Chiara Clemente, the daughter of artist Francesco Clemente, recalls when Ricard took her to purchase her first pair of mary-jane heels at the age of six or seven (it’s possible that the accomplished director was a size three at the time!).  Size 3 is a cheeky gem which stands out in Ricard’s body of work for its subdued harmony.

Size 3? 1989  Paint marker, foil applique over silkscreen  44.5 x 30.5 inches / 113 x 77.5 cm

Signed Rene Ricard aug22 1989

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The Artist

Rene Ricard

In the 1980s, he wrote a series of influential essays for Artforum magazine. Having achieved stature in the art world by successfully launching the career of painter Julian Schnabel, Ricard helped bring Jean-Michel Basquiat to fame. In December 1981 he published the first major article on Basquiat, entitled “The Radiant Child,” in Artforum. Ricard also contributed art essays to numerous gallery and exhibition catalogs. Ricard was immortalized by Basquiat in the drawing entitled Rene Ricard / Axe, representing the tension that existed between the two. Andy Warhol called him “the George Sanders of the Lower East Side, the Rex Reed of the art world.”

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