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Roantree X Kummattummal Biography

Roantree X Kummattummal’s prints come from a love of drawing, classical art forms, cinema and digital habitats like games. The work focuses on traditional etching together with a collision of monotypes and intense drawing, where the work is firmly rooted. Finally the work is printed from the plate in the intaglio tradition.
The collaboration focuses on the changes of environments/habitats, in particular ReWilding, applying to the reintroduction of extinct species back into landscapes/habitats. These ethereal, dreamy landscapes and semi broken down relics that often populate them, attempt to form a narrative in respect to ReWilding a world both from an environmental perspective and also a human, psychological, inner space. The works aim is to evoke a sense of beauty but with a warning. This ongoing series attempts to locate the artists own very separate cultural /geographical histories through the lens of a world in flux.

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