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Research Park Project: Pp by Rochelle Feinstein

Research Park Project: Pp by Rochelle Feinstein




Edition Size: Unique

Sheet Size: 80 x 71-1/2 inches


Condition: Pristine

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Handpainting and screenprint on canvas

Rochelle Feinstein made a series of unique painted prints at Graphicstudio in July 2014, titled Research Park Project. Feinstein selected figures of speech, phrases, or slogans from conversations and various media that have historical and vernacular associations and interlaced them with her expansive grasp of the language of painting. Feinstein wryly alludes to the nomenclature of academic institutions in the labeling of creative activity as “research” and points out Graphicstudio’s location in the USF Research Park. This new series has its roots in Feinstein’s earlier work titled The Enigma Project (2012-13) that referenced a ciphering device of the 1930s and 1940s. In this series, she attempted to decode the dense layers of visual language and subject matter that were intrinsic to her experience over a yearlong period.

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