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Living in a complex world full of ever changing experiences – people and personalities, places and cultures, colours and emotions – have you ever wanted to stop time and try to absorb it all in one simple moment? In the work of contemporary artist Ross Holden, this challenge is confronted head-on through the creation of his unique colour fields that aim to break down hundreds of memories and moments, into seemingly simple abstract works – which are in fact, anything but.

Creating his own bespoke interlocking panels, and breaking down his imagery more than ever before to even simpler representations of colour, Holden released his first painted artworks with Eyestorm in 2018. As individual pieces the paintings are much simpler than Holden’s screen-prints, however when put together, they have the same mesmerizing visual impact. Uniquely, the paintings exist as both individual artworks, or as any number of interlocking panels, which combine in seemingly infinite variations with the potential to become much larger, more complex pieces.

Ross Holden is based in London and graduated with a BA in Illustration and MA in Fine Art from UCA

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