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Susan Davies Biography

Susan’s work is a response to the lights and colours of Nature. She feels its form, the wildlife it contains, and invites the viewer to step in and enjoy. Her work reflects a mood or a moment, using vibrant colour, movement and drama. Often portraying a narrative, her work gives a suggestion of freedom of spirit and escape.

Inspired by a trip to Skomer Island, Susan’s recent work highlights how Nature touches the heart and nourishes the soul.

A vitreous enamel miniaturist, Susan worked as a premier artist for over 25 years at Halcyon Days Enamels Ltd., hand-painting Georgian inspired vitreous enamels for clients worldwide, including Japanese and English royalty.

Following redundancy, Susan began to create kiln-fired vitreous enamel miniature paintings. Self-taught, she progressed into watercolour and charcoal, and has been printmaking for the last three years.

Susan lives within the heart of the glassmaking town of Stourbridge, England, and works from her studio at home. Highlights including The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers ‘The Masters-Relief’, The Royal Society of Miniature Painter 2019, The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists 2020/21 and the Hilliard Society 2017/18/19/22.

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