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Tara Donovan is an American sculptor who was born in New York in 1969. As a New York native, she first attended the School of Visual Arts, then the Corcoran College of Art and Design and the Virginia Commonwealth University. She is well known for her confident ability to go against the steady grain of the art community. As a contemporary artist, Donovan tends to use site-specific installations to exhibit her sculptures, which are made up of everyday objects such as tape, tooth picks, straws and cups. The sculptures she creates tend to be extremely delicate and detailed, with natural repetitive patterns to complement the serenity of her handmade compositions.

Tara Donovan does not plan her works, but creates them as she goes, which only contributes to the natural style that she conveys in every piece. She chooses her material before she can choose what should be done with it. By creating her works on-site, Donovan is unable to move onto another new project in the meantime, seeming like a tedious and almost frustrating artistic process. What distinguishes her from other modern artists is her desire to create something entirely different, while making the most of her space. Although she occasionally draws pieces, exhibiting them on a huge scale, Donovan’s sculptures carry on gaining the admiration of her viewers.

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