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Tarsila do Amaral Biography

Tarsila do Amaral was born on September 1st, 1886, in the town of Capivari, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. She was the daughter of José Estanislau do Amaral and Lydia Dias de Aguiar do Amaral. Tarsila’s father was a wealthy landowner, and she spent her childhood on her father’s farms. Later she studied at Colégio Sion, a convent school in São Paulo, and then in Barcelona, Spain, where she produced her first painting Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Sacred Heart of Jesus) in 1904. Upon returning to Brazil, Tarsila married André Teixeira Pinto, and gave birth to her only child, Dulce. A few years later, Tarsila separated from André and started her studies in art. In 1918, Tarsila learned sculpture under Zadig, followed by lessons in drawing and painting in the studio of Pedro Alexandrino, where she met the painter Anita Malfatti. In 1920, Tarsila left to study under Émile Renard and at the Académie Julien in Paris, where she stayed until June 1922. Tarsila learned about the Semana de Arte Moderna or the Week of Modern Art (which happened in São Paulo in February 1922), through the letters of her friend Anita Malfatti. When she returned to Brazil, Tarsila was persuaded by Anita to join the modernist group to which Anita belonged. Tarsila began dating another member of the group, the writer Oswald de Andrade. Together, Tarsila, Anita, Oswald, and the writers Mário de Andrade and Menotti Del Picchia formed the “Group of Five.” They stirred up the city of São Paulo culturally with meetings, parties, and conferences. Tarsila said that she was first exposed to modern

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