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Tavik Frantisek Simon Biography

An influential Czech printmaker and painter, T. F. Simon studied art at the Academy of Prague. After his studies were completed, Simon resided in both Paris and Prague, building a strong international reputation for his art. Simon became famous for his city and landscape depictions in both color aquatints and color wood engravings. He traveled extensively during his career, both throughout Europe and North America. His wood engravings of New York, for example, are among his most sought after works. Basically a traditionalist in his style, Simon did much to champion the cause of Czech printmaking throughout the world. His efforts in Prague paved the way for the following generation of artists such as Max Svabinsky, Preissig and Kotik. Examples of Simon’s wood engravings are housed in the permanent collections of the Gallery of Modern Art, Prague, and le Musee d’Art Moderne de Paris.

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