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Ulysses Bôscolo (São Paulo, SP/1977) studied Visual Arts at FAAP graduating in 1999. Develops his works through various techniques, such as etching, woodcutting, painting, objects and book illustrations. The strength of his artworks come from the materials, many times found on the street; in dispose carts and demolition houses, antique dealers, second hand shops, philately fairs and other living and historic elements of the city of São Paulo, creating curious albums denominated Livros Brutos. In his studio there is a gigantic library of wood and metal matrices, many of them never used. The sculpting in the production of his woodcuts is another element of the work, frequently associated with the small scale. The majority of his patterns do not exceed three centimetres although there are some in bigger scale, such as those composing the series “Os Olhos da Montanha Encontram o Sol” (The Eyes of the Mountains Meet the Sun), part of Galeria Mezanino’s collection. In 2010 one of his woodcut albums was acquired by the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo in order to be part of its collection. Amongst many books Bôscolo illustrated we highlight the Brazilian edition of The Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoyevsky (Editora 34/2008). In 2007 had exhibitions in New York through the gallery Gravura Brasileira. In 2012 received the prize of artistic residence at the 15th Biennale de La Gravure of Sarcelles, France. Also in the same year he got his maters degree from the ECA/Universidade de São Paulo, oriented by professor Claudio Mubarac. Bôscolo took part in the exhibition 4 Ensaios Gráficos de Gravura at the Estação Pinacoteca in 2012/2013. Produced a work for the Clube
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