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  • Rainbow (Color trial proof) by James Rosenquist

Rainbow (Color trial proof) by James Rosenquist

Petersburg Press

Colour Lithograph


Edition Size: 75

Image Size: 17 x 21.5 inches

Sheet Size: 25.25 x 30.25 inches


Condition: Good

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Lithograph with screenprint on cream-coloured paper. Edition of 75 with 8 color trial proofs: this impression 8/8. Signed and dated 1972 lower right in pencil; titled, numbered 8/8 and labeled Color Trial Proof lower left in pencil.

This graphic, colorful scene is based on Rosenquist’s 1962 oil painting of the same name, collected in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. The artist used real glass and wood to construct windows for the original painting – here, house siding is abstracted to bold, black horizontal lines, and the window glass is printed in dark gold ink. At the top of the composition, a window with shutters pushed open is colored in turquoise, with sharp black shadows. The left-hand window pane is shattered, and to the right, the outline of an oversized fork can be seen through the glass. Washes of bright, gem-like color form a rainbow that seems to pour from the base of the window.

Rosenquist was a key figure of the Pop Art movement, with other progenitors including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. A billboard painter turned fine artist, Rosenquist is known for his smooth, graphic painting style, and his use of compositions pulled from collages of magazine cutouts, advertisements, and photographs. Rainbow is a characteristic juxtaposition of bold, graphic markmaking with airbrushed pigment and translucent, fluid lines of color.

Handling crease on lower right of sheet, in otherwise good condition.


The Artist

James Rosenquist

Born in 1933, American James Rosenquist was one of the instigators of the Pop Art movement. The movement represents the integration of popular culture into fine art, and as such, Rosenquist’s previous occupation as a billboard painter helped influence his art in this direction. The characteristics of Pop Art – bright colours, dynamic shapes and the use of recognisable slogans and images – are clearly represented in Rosenquist’s work. His painting ‘F-111’ is made up of many images centred around a plane and is the size of a room.

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