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Array 1000/green by Rupert Deese

Array 1000/green by Rupert Deese

Manneken Press

Color Woodcut


Edition Size: 15

Image Size: 1000mm diameter inches

Sheet Size: 45 x 45 inches


Condition: Pristine

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One of a suite of five woodcuts printed on Fabriano Artistico paper with inks hand mixed from pure powdered pigments and plate oil.

Array 1000/Dark Blue, Array 1000/Yellow, Array 1000/Green, Array 1000/Red, Array 1000/Pale Blue

This new suite of five woodcuts by Rupert Deese titled “Array 1000” are the latest and largest additions to the ongoing Array project. Array is the most ambitious project published by Manneken Press to date. Consisting of 25 circular woodcut prints by Rupert Deese, the Array project, which commenced with the publication of Array 700 in 2005, followed by Array 350 and Array 500 in 2006, will culminate in 2013 with the publication of Array 1400. In each of the Array prints, Deese divides the space of the circle into unique tiling patterns, using nine equal radial divisions. He then sub-divides these pie shapes into equal areas using additional radial lines and inscribed circles. While essentially abstract, the Array images have a tangential relationship to the landscape and watersheds of the upper Merced and Tuolumne Rivers in California, an area beloved by the artist which has inspired much of his artistic output. An earlier eponymous sequence of monochrome painted objects that accurately model the topographical shapes of this landscape was the genesis of the tiling patterns, and the Array opus can be seen as a continued meditation on the configuration of this geography.


The Artist

Rupert Deese

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