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  • Exquisite Contrast by John Schiff

Exquisite Contrast by John Schiff

VanDeb Editions



Edition Size: 1

Image Size: 37.5x49.5 inches

Sheet Size: 37.5 x 49.5 inches


Condition: Pristine

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These monoprints include cut paper inked and collaged on the plate with sections of etching combined to create a vigorous modernist image.

John Schiff has been an artist and a renowned award-winning architect for decades. His knowledge and love for information and material fundamentally informs his work, in which he explores the tension between structure and spontaneity.

Schiff begins with an invented “alphabet” of an inherent mathematical structure comprised of “letters” which he develops by creating shapes according to the ratios in the Golden Section. He cuts these letters out of mylar, places them on a plate, inks and runs them through an etching press – transferring the information from plate to paper. By using mirrored images and negative shapes, he creates a deliberate refined order in the work, which is subjective, intuitive, and ultimately, free.

John Schiff was a founding partner of Mayers and Schiff Architects and a professor of architecture at Cooper Union.


The Artist

John Schiff

John Schiff was a founding partner of Mayers and Schiff Architects and an architecture professor at Cooper Union. For the last decade Schiff has decided to concentrate his energy solely on print work. Starting with a drawing, the artist focuses on the tonal ranges that can be accomplished with primary colors. His latest body of work is inspired by the Fibonacci numbers, a series of whole numbers which progresses by adding the previous number to present one to make the next number in the series. Schiff has exhibited at the Queens Museum, Museum of Natural History and the Municipal Art Society. His work is placed in the IBM, Ernst & Young and many private collections…

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