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Mit Musse gegangen by Markus Lupertz

Mit Musse gegangen by Markus Lupertz

Composition Gallery

Mixed Media


Sheet Size: 100 X 70 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Mixed media on paper –Markus Lüpertz’s “Mit Musse gegangen” (1990) is a mixed media drawing and watercolor measuring 100 x 70 cm. The artwork displays Lüpertz’s distinctive style, characterized by bold colors and expressive, abstract forms. With a sense of movement and fluidity, the composition draws the viewer into the dynamic visual narrative. “Mit Musse gegangen” demonstrates Lüpertz’s skill in employing a range of artistic techniques and materials to create a visually intriguing piece that reflects his unique artistic vision.

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The Artist

Markus Lupertz

Markus Lüpertz (1941 – ) is a contemporary German artist and printmaker.

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