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Hasta La Casta by Michael Menchaca

Hasta La Casta
by Michael Menchaca

Available at Overpass Projects




Edition Size: 25

Image Size: 18" x 24" inches

Sheet Size: 22" x 28" inches


Condition: Pristine


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“Hasta La Casta” is a screenprint designed by Michael Menchaca and printed and published by Julia Samuels at Overpass Projects.

“Hasta La Casta” is a phrase that is intentionally provocative and riffing-off of “Hasta La Vista”. “Casta” refers back to the Spanish Caste system that was implemented during colonial Spanish America which set up a socio-racial classification system or class hierarchy. The caste system is being recalled here to reflect the nature of the treatment of minority communities and specifically those undocumented citizens targeted by I.C.E.

“Hasta La Casta” is sold directly and exclusively from the publisher Overpass Projects

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