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  • CMY: 5 Point Collapsed Suite by John Robert Craft

CMY: 5 Point Collapsed Suite by John Robert Craft

Flatbed Press and Gallery

Multiple Sculpture


Edition Size: 10

Dimensions: 12" x 24" x 4" inches


Condition: Pristine

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The CMY Suite was co-published by Flatbed Press located in Austin, Texas in 2018.  Craft developed the extensive plate tone by hauling the steel plates around in the back of Craft’s ranch truck for two years occasionally checking to see how the decay was proceeding. Three plates, each with a silhouette of a cast-iron sculpture, were etched using nitric acid at the artist’s studio in 2017.  The suite was printed on 640 GSM Lanaquarelle hot press paper. Hanco lithographic process color inks were used in the following combinations that correspond with the order of the images above: Cyan/Magenta, Yellow/Magenta, Cyan/Yellow, and Cyan/Yellow/Magenta. These are available as boxed sets of four prints in each box that includes a cast-iron sculpture that is fabricated from cast iron components configured to match the silhouette in the prints.

Title page and colophon designed by Craft and printed with letterpress onto Somerset Satin 300 GSM  by Max Koch in Austin, Texas.


The Artist

John Robert Craft

John Robert (Jack) Craft lives with his family on a commercial cattle ranch in the Texas Panhandle. The ranch is located about 70 miles south east of Amarillo, Texas. His art-work consists of solid cast-iron sculpture and prints that are made utilizing his sculpture as a tool to create abstract images that reflect the mass and the dimensions of the sculpture. The work is an art of place. The sculpture is abstract work that is grounded in geology and the metallurgy of the artist’s material of choice: ferrous metals, and the art reflects the solid values of ranch life. The prints suggest an imagery of vast light-pollution free night skies, or sometimes micrographs of molecular, cellular, or crystalline structures. These prints function in a disorienting manner at one moment evoking the unseen microscopic and the next the vast expanses of outer space. The work is hard, heavy, and sometimes uncomfortably honest, which is a reflection of the artist and his life as a rancher.

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